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If anyone is interested please contact (Curt Bunce) at 315-525-2304 or email at



1929 Model 402 from private collection, cosmetically restored with correct red paint, engine condition unknown. Selling for health reasons, asking $73,000. Also selling reproduction 1930 Motolamp shell & ears $162. Publications available, uncirculated "Golden Age of the Fours", Indian 4 Cylinder Club newsletter, Volume 1 Number 1 Volume 2 Series 1 AMCA Volume 1 Number 1. Call Al Engel 559-631-0804 West Coast.

Note: Photos provided were taken before project was finished.



For sale: 1935-39 and 1940-42 Indian 4 generator and distributor gears. Made with 8620 case hardened .030 to 58-60 rockwell. $160 for a set.

Contact Tom Wilcock


I have a 1938 nos upper case as sent from Indian Springfield in 1948. Would like to trade for 1937 engine and or parts for this bike. This was a Magneto bike and I need everything for the motor except oil pan and exhaust manifold.

Contact: Dave Smith

8/17/15 Indian 4 gearbox for sale complete contact Martin Demeyere 


I am looking for 38 39 chief for myself I do not need perfect but would like matching numbers.

Call me 859-685-0651
Sarah Cecil


1924 Henderson4 Deluxe Motor - For Trade

1924 Henderson4 Deluxe Motor - For Trade (plus shipping) for similar 1938-1942 Indian4 motor/parts/etc. This Henderson Four Deluxe motor is RARE, as-is, and should note the following:

- Top case is a 1924 Henderson Four (Engine No. D6211A)

- Oil Pan is a 1928 Henderson Four (Tag: 5-11-1928) (Case No. unclear)

- Both the top case and oil pan fit each other

- Includes one (1) Zenith carburetor plus one (1) additional Zenith body
- No weld & no cracks on Oil Pan
- Weld along the forward Top Case flywheel housing

- Missing: Magneto, connecting rods, pistons, intake/exhaust manifolds, flywheel, various transmissions items, valve cover caps, and a few cylinders fins

Contact Andrew Meislin to trade, discuss, or request more information/photos - (808) 990-2710 or


Wanted for 1929 Indian 4: original horn and headlight

Have parts to trade

Contact: Martin Demeyere - Member #393 -


Indian4 Case Jig - For Sale

Indian4 case JIG for sale (cases NOT included) - $1,200 (plus shipping). Jig is made of aluminum billet and reverse engineered to be used for both the bottom and top cases for a 1941 Indian4. The purpose of the jig is to minimize the amount of case movement when welding or heat treating your cases. This jig is a MUST if you plan to weld on your cases. Price: $1,200 (plus shipping) - Contact Andrew Meislin to buy, discuss, or request more information/photos - (808) 990-2710 or

(click here for in-use photos)


Now available - '38 - '42 copper head gaskets. These gaskets are .051" thick, cut by CNC water-jet, dead soft, ready to install. $65/set + shipping.

Jim Walther, Jr., AMCA #3277, Four Club member #466


1938 - 1942 graphite head gaskets

These gaskets are die-cut from Garlock Graph-Lock 3125 TC. This material requires less torque and needs no sealer/shellac, for easier future dis-assembly. Heat transfer is far superior to asbestos/composite and almost as good as copper.

Follow this link for technical information:

The .120" material eliminates the need for double gaskets on most cylinders or heads that have been milled or shaved to much.

.060" thick $35/set plus shipping/handling
.120" thick $45/set plus shipping/handling

International sales welcome; I accept PayPal

Jim Walther, Jr., AMCA #3277, Four Club member #466


Chuck Ewing has For Sale:
Phone 419-877-0943 (eastern standard time

Books For Sale: Burt Munro Legend of Speed
Burt Munro One Good Run
The Rollie Free Story, Flat Out!
Indian Photographic History

Parts For Sale: NOS #102583 In box Verticle Tail Light Lens

Indian Models in Boxes: Red & White Maisto Guiloy Indian ren 1:10 scale
47 Chiefs Two Red 1:18 scale
Maisto Chiefs - one not boxed
One Rainbow Blue Funright Chief with sounds
One each Prairie green 1:18 Maisto & Road & track 442 Four
Indian Red Tootsie Toy 1:10 442 Four
Indian Red Danbury Mint 442 Four not in box. 44 American Vintage cycle cards

Matchless/Indian sales brochures:

9/10/13 Fellow Four enthusiasts,
Any of you who can help me out with a decent shifter handle 1928-36 ??
Please mailto:


Wanted: for Indian 438
full set main bearing caps

William (Billy) Francis Dunne


For Sale: 1935-39 and 1940-42 Indian 4 generator and distributor gears. Made with 8620, case hardened .030 to 58-60 rockwell. $160.00 per set.


Wanted; Timing cover for 1933 Indian 4, shift lever & any original paint sheet metal. Thanks.

For Sale:
1938-1942 Indian 4 ductile iron exhaust manifolds. Ductile is much stronger and not brittle like the grey iron originals but costs 1/3 more to cast. Porcelainized and ready to install. $700.00 plus shipping. Also have some earlier model manifolds.

Tom Wilcock (905) 263-2557, or


Wanted for a 36 four Left hand shift lever with attachment for shift linkage, and a chain guard for the same year. Thanks

Stan E mail


Worn, stripped even missing potmetal threads permanently replaced with alloy 360 brass. Original dimensions and appearance retained. All work done on premises by me. I cannot give an accurate estimate of cost or turn-around time until I have physically inspected the carburetor. References available. Email me for more pictures or information: or call (304) 965-9580 after 5 PM Eastern Time.

Jim Walther, Jr., AMCA #3277, Four Club member #466